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Below are only a handful of the many current grant opportunities available. We also have a newsletter. Email us to subscribe.  



ARPA Cell Tower Grant

Cell Tower Grant: opens May 1 & closes July 1

  • Min amount: $100,000, max amount: $750,000 - does not require match, but 20% or higher will raise chances of receiving award

  • The Cell Towers Grant will fund the construction, retrofitting, or refurbishment of towers on public lands improving access for those who depend on cellular service for internet. Please visit for more information.


MoDOT Safe Streets For All Grant

Applications must be submitted by 5:00 PM Eastern Time on Monday, July 10, 2023. Late applications will not be accepted

  • This grant will be used for projects and strategies to prevent death and serious injury on roads and streets involving all roadway users, including pedestrians; bicyclists; public transportation, and commercial vehicle operators.

  • Min amount: Award Floor:$100,000, max amount: $25,000,000

  • Please check here for additional information



Healthy Meals Incentives Grants for Small and Rural School Food Authorities

Closes May 26, 2023

  • Grants for small and rural School Food Authorities that are experiencing challenges in the improvement of the nutritional quality of their school meals due to limited staffing, difficulty in accessing training, increased food costs due to limited purchasing power, lack of physical space, and outdated kitchen equipment.

  • Max amount: $150,000, min amount: $10,000

  • Please check here for more information.


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