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grant assistance

 HSTCC provides grant assistance in our four-county region. Our staff is very experienced with the grant application and administration process. Working closely with state and federal agencies, as well as the local economic development organization, we make your life easier so you can spend less time on the details and more time improving your community.

The Harry S Truman Coordinating Council (HSTCC)

One of 19 regional planning commissions across the State of Missouri. The regional planning commissions were established by the Missouri Legislature under Chapter 251 of the Revised Statutes of the State of Missouri. 

HSTCC is governed by a board of directors comprised of representatives from the communities of Barton, Jasper, Newton and McDonald counties whose dues are in good order with the organization.

Community Assistance

HSTCC provides other services aside form grant assistance, such as GIS consulting, meeting facilitation, comprehensive planning, transportation planning, and environmental planning as well as mapping services, project management, program administration and other services for communities who do not have the resources for such efforts.

HSTCC offers:

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