Transportation Advisory Committee Meetings


Additional meetings will be called as needed

Each year the TAC and MoDOT compile a list of regional transportation needs to be submitted to MoDOT for review and to be submitted in the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program.

If your city or county has a transportation need, either road and bridge, bicycle and pedestrian, rail, or aviation, please contact your TAC Represenative for any questions, comments, or concerns here. 

TAC Announcements:

  • On February 23rd, 2017, the TAC elected its officers.

    • Chair, Tom Short, City Administrator of Carthage, MO

    • Vice-Chair, Jim Jackson, Newton County Commissioner 

  • The Regional Needs List for 2018 has been approved. 

  • The TAC Policy was approved on August 24th.


Every year, the Truman Council works to complete sidewalk assessments this summer.  The sidewalk assessments are used by cities when applying for sidewalk grants.

If your city is interested in viewing the sidewalk  assessments please email Thomas Hughes at

Harry S Truman Coordinating Council

800 East Pennell

Carl Junction, MO 64834

T: (417) 649-6400

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