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Missouri Local Environmental Advisory Forum (LEAF)

The Missouri Local Environmental Advisory Forum (LEAF) Program is a partnership between the Truman Council and the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC). Missouri LEAF is a pioneer program that is beginning in Southwest Missouri in 2014 and if successful, could be extended throughout Missouri.


It is our mission to improve the environmental quality for the citizens of Barton, Jasper, Newton, & McDonald Counties. To do this, we utilize public input to collect ideas, prioritize projects, and find funding for environmental projects in the four-county region.


Citizen involvement is key to this process because they have firsthand, expert knowledge of the environmental problems important to their neighborhood. The public engagement process will involve the documentation of these environmental problems and potential solutions, prioritization of these issues by a group of qualified citizens and technical experts, and the pursuit of funding with the aid of HSTCC staff.


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