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HSTCC Regional Trail Plan 

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Pineville, MO 

Southwest City, MO

Jane, MO

Jane Trails

Anderson, MO

Anderson Pictures
Sign In Sheets
Anderson Community Trail Planning

Noel, MO

Sign In Sheets Coming Soon!
Noel Pictures Coming Soon!
Noel Community Trail Plan Coming Soon!

The Northwest Arkansas Regional Planning Commission and the Harry S. Truman Coordinating Council will be partnering to expand the Razorback Green Way Trail into the Southwest corner of Missouri. 


HSTCC's Vision Statement 


The Harry S Truman Coordinating Council’s vision is to create a network of linked paths that are used throughout the McDonald, Newton, Jasper, and Barton County region. We will assist in the development of a viable multi-use plan that will feature local heritage, scenic landscapes, and stimulate the economic and social vitality of the region. The multi-use trails will be utilized for exercise, recreation, transportation, equestrian, and tourism to promote safe and healthier lifestyles for the community and the generations to come


McDonald County

Goodman, MO

Sign In Sheets Coming Soon!
Goodman Pictures Coming Soon!
Goodman Community Trail Plan Coming Soon!

Trail Grants 

Upcoming Trail Meetings 

There are no upcoming meetings at this time

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