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GIS work at HSTCC

   The Truman Council has a qualified and proficient GIS technician on staff. The staff works with high-performance technology and offers several types of maps for diverse results. The technicians maintain and review knowledge of current trends and development in the geographic information systems field for responsibilities assigned.  the Truman Council offers a variety of map-making services that include:


  • Regional Transportation Plans

  • Spatial analysis and statics

  • Georeferencing

  • Transit Analysis/Studies

  • Geocoding

  • Trail Plans

  • GPS technology

  • Comprehensive Plans and Revisions

  • Database

  • Land Use Planning

  • Building and management

  • Regional Data Development


The Truman Council recognizes the implication of GIS technology in the development of decision making, planning, GIS performance and capacity, and providing coordination to the public in the region. The staff works together within our member's jurisdiction while providing provision for the general public.


  • Master Street Plans

  • Zoning Ordinances

  • Redistricting Assistance

  • Grant Writing and Administration

  • Census Data Coordination

  • Base Maps (City, County, and Region)

  • Annexation Assistance

  • Environmental Studies Coordination

  • Aerial Imagery Acquisition and Quality Assurance

  • GIS Assistance and Coordination

  • Public Information

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